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The First Aid Basics course trains workers to provide first aid for a variety of emergency situations.

First Domain

Prevant and Prepare

The first domain emphasises the role of prevention and preparedness in reducing the impact of emergencies.

Second Domain

Early Recognition

The second domain emphasises early recognition of dangers environmentally and with the ill or injured person.

Third Domain

Access help & First Aid

Response has two actions that can take place at the same time, providing first aid and accessing help.


Principles of first aid Education


The principles of first aid education support programme designers in developing programs that match the needs of their learners. These principles should be applied to any first aid education intervention:

Link to learners

Consider all aspects of the learner group (age, gender, responsibilities, needs etc).


Restrict content to what is necessary and keep learning messages simple.


Use language that the learners understand and that builds confidence.


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Years of Experience

First Aid History


History of First Aid (FIRST AID) The first treatment given to any injured person or patient in an emergency is known worldwide as First Aid i.e. First Aid. By the way, the history of first aid is centuries old with some similar basic objectives. Its beginning comes in the form of a campaign to help soldiers injured in war and to save those who die by drowning in water

Who We Are

Bharatiya Prathamik Chikitsa Parisad (BPCP) Is An Autonomous Body, Which Works To Promote First Aid Treatment In India. To Achieve This Aim BPCP Incorporate Different Types Of Teaching Modules In Its Various Programs Such As Education, Training, Awareness Programs And Providing Helping Aids To Needy. Moreover, This Organisation Gathers All Important Information Relevant For First Aid And Makes People Aware Of It.

As An Autonomous Body BPCP Has Taken Initiative Towards Strengthen The Health Facilities In India. For This Purpose, This Organisation Tries To Maintain Balance Among

First Aid And Its Associate Bodies With Public Health Services And Facilities. We Strongly Believe That A Well-trained And Professional First Aider Can Provide Their Services Not Only On Local But On National Level Also. But This Can Only Be Achieved Through Excellent And Efficient Training Programme.

To Attain This Goal BPCP Was Established Under Ministry Of Corporate Affairs- Govt Of India, U/s 8, Companies Act. This Is Also Important To Note That BPCP Operates Only Those Projects/schemes Which Are Valid And Sanctioned By Govt. Of India. To Achieve This Purpose, We Also Maintain Co-ordination Between Central/state Govt, Various Concerned Departments, Hospitals, Medical Departments Etc.

For Comprehensive Publicity And Disseminate Of First Aid Treatment, BPCP Also Facilitate And Provide Membership To Authorized And Valid Health Institutions Or Services And Also Honoured Distinguished Individuals Associated With Health Sector.

Apart From This BPCP Also Sanctioned And Grant Permission To Certified Good Quality Products, Verified/valid Herbs And Treatment Centres For First Aid Treatment To Achieve Public Welfare Aims.

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We Maintain Cleanliness Rules Inside Our Training Center


Bharatiya Prathamik Chikitsa Parisad (BPCP) is an autonomous body, which works to promote First Aid treatment in India.

Value of Bharatiya Prathamik Chikitsa Parisad


Our Mission

By Guiding The Poor And Backward Youth Of Our Society Properly, Helping Them In Making Them Self-reliant In Today's Society By Making Them All-round Development.

Our Vision

To Meet The Needs Of The Professionals Created By Make In India By Creating Professionals Through Its Course Structure And Training Module As Per The Demands Of The Present Times.

Our Values

Facilitating Enabling Environment For Risk Reduction And Poor Women Livelihood Promotion And For That Any Private-Public -Partnership With Various Like-minded Institutions/ Organizations Under Specific Themes.